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  • Senior Backend Engineer
    Go Rest gRPC Swagger PostgreSQL Docker
    • Work in process 👨‍💻 ...
  • Senior Full-Stack Developer
    Go Rest VueJS TailwindCSS DynamoDB RabbitMQ Redis Docker S3 Datadog AWS Timestream Swagger
    • Worked on the core Go microservices powering the Ringier Event Bus serving millions of events monthly across more than a dozen of companies and teams.
    • Developed an Infrastructure as Code Go microservice codenamed Atlas to fully automate provisioning of the Ringier Event Bus on AWS with automated integration testing.
      Infrastructure cost reduced by 35% and new environment provisioning time reduced by 30%.
    • Developed a Go CLI application codenamed Timestream Travel as an AWS Timestream backup solution for webvitalize.io.
    • Developed and showcased a payment Go microservice using Blockchain during a playweek.
    • Organised company-wide Go workshops to onboard and train new Gophers.
  • Senior Web Developer
    PHP Rest VueJS TailwindCSS MySQL Redis Docker
    • Implemented an advanced user experience for launching SMS campaigns.
    • Improved an existing payment and subscription system using Stripe.
  • Senior Software Engineer
    Go PHP gRPC GraphQL VueJS SvelteJS TailwindCSS PostgreSQL Docker Swagger Redis
    • Developed several online services including culture.lexpress.mu, businessmag.mu, lasentinelle.mu, to name a few.
    • Developed a Go CLI application codenamed Gocipe to generate the Content Management Systems powering the aformentioned online services.
    • Developed a custom Single Sign-On solution in Go codenamed Passport for a seamless user experience across the aforementioned online services.
  • PHP Developer
    PHP jQuery Bootstrap MySQL
    • Developed a new major version of expat-blog.com; now expat.com.
      The rehauled user interface and experience contributed to the platform crossing the 1.5M total registered users.
  • PHP Developer
    PHP Drupal jQuery MySQL
    • Developed a new major version of packshot-creator.com in 2 months with the primary objective to provide an augmented experience of the Packshot Creator product line.
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